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2017-18 Program of Action

Goals for the year include:

1.    Identify and secure appropriate office location for the chamber operations

       a.    Review potential lease options

       b.    Discuss ramifications of leaving City provided space

       c.     Identify how operations may (or may not) change based on change of location

       d.    Decide on location and move staff and operations

2.    Implement Virtual Expo and look for additional ways to connect businesses with their potential customers

       a.    Recruit businesses for the virtual expo tour package

       b.    Build website

       c.     Identify benchmarks for success

       d.    Promote project and review results

3.    Expand the board to 13 seats in 2017 – with plans to add one seat for each of the next 2 years

       a.    Identify how to recruit “year round” and identify prospective board members

       b.    Identify specific on-boarding process to engage new board members early in their term

4.    Identify workforce initiative project that will support the current and future needs of businesses in the Elk River Area.

       a.    Recruit Task force to review potential projects that will be implemented by a coalition of community partners, including chamber volunteers, that have a                direct impact on workforce concerns raised by members

                                          i.    Identify desired project outcomes

                                         ii.    Identify targets – middle school, high school, and/or young professionals

                                        iii.    Identify potential volunteers

       b.    Identify funding needs

       c.     Recruit volunteers and community partners

       d.    Develop and implement project/programs

5.    Identify challenges that keep local businesses from expanding and new businesses from moving to the area.  Learn about development practices that will help Elk River grow

       a.    Create a focus group of businesses that have recently opened or expanded their operations. 

       b.    Listen to the obstacles they encountered

       c.     Identify if there are other best practices

       d.    Share results with appropriate entities that can make a difference.

6.    Identify task force for 50th Anniversary Celebration

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